It's not about age. It's about taste, and it's about lifestyle. I believe women of all ages can wear anything. - Ralph Lauren
Passion and persistence are what matter. Dreams are achievable and you can make your fantasy come true, but there are no shortcuts. - Diane von Furstenberg
You can't put together a formula for how to look gorgeous - it's a question of personality. You shouldn't become a hanger for a label. - Isabel Marant
More is not enough. What mood are you in today? What kind of person do you want to express to the world today? Layer layer layer layer. - Debra Rapoport
Let's do what we love and do a lot of it. - Marc Jacobs
Different is always attractive. - Mario Testino
I am not eccentric. It's just that I am more alive than most people. I am an unpopular electric eel set in a pond of goldfish. - Edith Sitwell
I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men. - Marlene Dietrich
Life is very short. Insecurity is a waste of time. - Diane Von Furstenberg