1. How would you describe your style?
I want my look to say sexy, cool, mysterious, badass â€“ with a smidgen of super villainous insanity. But day or night but whatever I’m wearing I only feel complete once I have my fragrance on.

2. What are your measurements?
 I’m 4’10, 90 lbs. with a size 5 shoe.

3. Who are your style icons/inspiration?
I find inspiration from both people of the street and style icons like Cyndi Lauper, Dita Von Teese, Elizabeth Taylor, and Victoria Beckham.

4. Who are your favorite petite fashion bloggers?
I read dozens of fashion bloggers regularly, and love them but if forced to narrow down my insanely long list to the ones I derive the most inspirations for petite style from, they would have to be  Alterations Needed, 5 inch and Up, Fashion Me Now, Good, Bad and Fab.  You can read more about Petite Fashion Bloggers here and take a look at my Blogroll.

5. What is your best-kept personal style secret?

Skin-toned high-heeled sling backs make petite women look taller and are invisible.

6. What are your favorite shlklkops?

7. What are the biggest fashion don’ts petite women make when getting dressed?

Thinking things are going to, or should fit right off the rack. Tailor. Tailor. Tailor. Everything. Whether it is right or wrong FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT.  The rule that the woman should wear the clothes, not the clothes (or makeup or accessories for that matter) wear the woman goes double for petites. You first. Clothes second.

8. What are five fashion essential pieces every well-dressed petite woman should invest in?

Self-confidence, blazer you can top off a jeans or a skirt,  seamless, nude-coloured, professionally fitted bras, basic black pencil skirt, the best shoes you can possibly afford and a classic white button down shirt. That’s six.

9. What do you recommend for petite women who want to look fab?
Celebrate your individuality. Many petite women have the-grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side syndrome where they think longer limbs will make them look more chic or something. Petites (and every woman) need to celebrate what they’ve got. Not waste time wishing and hoping and dreaming for something nature isn’t going to give them.

I spent a lot of time worrying about what others thought. That is no way to live. The best thing I ever did for myself was keeping my thoughts on creating the best life — and looks for me. I might be contradicting myself here, but while I mention first impressions count sometimes half of the time when you think others might be judging you, they are so wrapped up in their own insecurities about their perceived flaws they aren’t noticing you. Keep your eyes on your own paper as your teachers used to say.

Start everyday by putting on the thing that makes you feel sexy, confident, unstoppable, chic. Maybe it is lingerie, or a moisturizer or siren red lipstick. Start with your talisman and build your look from there


1. Why did you name your blog House of LoveJoy?
You can read about the origins of House of LoveJoy here.

2. What type of camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D3200 with

3. What is House of LoveJoy’s mission?
House of LoveJoy is the perfect way for me to share my philosophy, tips, resources, and opinions on petite fashion. My mission is to give readers real, effective, and original content based on our unique needs they won’t get anywhere.

4. Do you work with brands?
Yes I would love to work with brands. For more information read this.

5. Can I guest blog for you?
At this time I am not looking for guest bloggers, however, if and when my policy changes I will let me readers know.

6. Where can I buy your looks?
Sometimes I include affiliate links in House of LoveJoy posts. I do receive compensation if you buy items. Occasionally I sell items from my closet on the House of LoveJoy Titail shop.


 1. I want to start my own blog/become an Instagram star. Any advice?
People crave relationships, not cheesy marketing messages. Tell YOUR STORY, SHARE YOUR LIFE in a creative way. Your job as a blogger is to inform, entertain, and inspire your readers.