The Power of Petite – Finding Your Signature Style by Embracing the Perfection in Your “Imperfections”

First off, I hesitate to even use the word “imperfections” on House of LoveJoy. Let’s call them “perceived imperfections.” What we may see as things we need to hide or even change, the world may not. Don’t sell yourself short. The world may embrace our petiteness, our freckles, our curves, our small breasts, our thin lips, our red hair.

But this is about making YOU feel good. Providing tips on  helping YOU find the tings YOU love about yourself and highlighting them.

Think about your style icons. Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot all had a distinctive style. They built themselves, no doubt through trial error, the world’s best stylists and designers, a personal brand that is timeless, unforgettable and one-of-a-kind. They were never trying to be someone else, so they never made mistakes. To create your own look embrace, not just the brands or styles they wore, but that confident attitude of THIS IS ME. That is what will command a room. That is what will help you get the job, get the guy, and get you a life. Not your height, or lack of it.

Confidence, chicness and coolness are traits of a woman who is in control and living a glamorous life. Here are 5 tips on getting you started.

For one to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

Coco Chanel

1. KNOW YOUR BODY AS IT IS, NOT AS YOU WISH IT WERE…AND LOVE IT. Face facts my petite sister you are not getting any taller. You need to discover and embrace your best features (legs, eyes, smile, hair, breasts)because it is those that you’re going to highlight. I am not going to let you get away with dressing down because you don’t look like a Vogue model. You were put on this earth to shine, not hide the best of yourself.

2. SIT DOWN WITH A STACK OF MAGAZINES. Some people are going to advise you unless you are a full-fledged fashionista avoid the Harper’s Bazzaars, Vogues and Elles. I’m not going to do that. In fact I’m going to argue strongly against that. You want to find inspiration in style, cuts, colour, materials. Just start tearing out whatever catches your eye. What resonates with you? Don’t think about any fashion so-called rules about what short women should or shouldn’t wear. Don’t think about how you are not a model or that it is going to take a month’s salary to get everything tailored. Just start ripping out pages. Now let’s take a look of what you have. Are you trendy or classic? Sweet and feminine? Bohemian or minimalist? Bold or pastel colours?

3. ACCESSORIZE. Never underestimate the power of an elegant ear cuff or bejewelled bracelet or a stylish scarf. And don’t be afraid to think outside the box and wear necklaces as belts or belts as necklaces. Accessories are the most time and cost effective means to make a statement.

4. HEELS, HEELS, HEELS. They make your legs long, lean and sexy. They make your hips sway and your bum stick out. Psychologically I feel sophisticated and confident when I’m wearing mine.

5. DON’T APOLOGIZE, EXPLAIN, OR EXCUSE.  Love yourself. Pretty simple. Love yourself. Be confident. Be comfortable. Double-dog dare the world not to find you fabulous.