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When you are a petite woman you often find yourself challenged with dressing  for your shape. You arelocked in an endless campaign against pants made for the type of lengthy legs immortalized in song and 1980s music videos, skirts that could be worn as dresses and jackets with endless sleeves. You like you are playing dress up in a giant’s clothes.

Hunting down a dress in the kid’s section? Not always the best option for a girl with some curves. And spending hours online? All the more disappointing with too much guesswork and trial and error with sizing.

Shopping for clothes and shoes is a chore, not a pleasure.

My style is best described as dark feminine, edgy, elegant, sexy and mysterious – with a smidgen of super villainous insanity.

After years of resigning myself to a jeans and t-shirt uniform, I finally found quality brands that catered to the petite form, and a wonderful seamstress who not only provided  impeccable alterations to my beloved finds but also created both beautiful copies of red-carpet and original killer designs.

Petite women have very specific sartorial conundrums. House of LoveJoy is the perfect way for me to share my philosophy, tips, resources, and opinions on petite fashion. My mission is to give my readers real, effective, and original content based on our unique needs they won’t get anywhere else. 

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