BEHIND THE SCENES SUNDAY: House of LoveJoy’s 2016 Goals

As promised here are the goals I have planned for House of LoveJoy in 2016.


  • Work on House of LoveJoy 35 hours weekly
  • Work on product creation 1 hour  per day or week
  • Check broken links monthly
  • Run a contest on House of LoveJoy every month


  • Write 7 articles  per week and submit them to article directories
  • Write 1 guest post per week
  • Write a free ebook every month
  • Write 1000 words per day
  • Write 7 blog posts per week
  • Send out 10 emails to my list per month
  • Always have at least 7 posts ready to go in the queue
  • Write posts 2 days before they’re published
  • Try a new kind of blog post (every week that I’ve never done before
  • Link to one other “friendly” blog per post


  • Get 100% more traffic
  • Decrease my bounce rate
  • Increase number of page views
  • Increase number of unique visitors
  • Get 25% of traffic from Pinterest
  • Get 1000  visitors from search engines
  • Look at my analytics weekly
  • Get readers from every Canadian province


  • Comment on 5  blogs a day
  • Get 10  comments a day
  • Get 20 comments on guest posts
  • Reply to every blog comment
  • Delete spam comments daily


  • Create or get 7 backlinks per week
  • Submit each post to social bookmarking sites
  • Make $10000 per month
  • Read 5 blogs per day
  • Get to #1 for “petite fashion blogger” keyword on Google
  • Learn about something you’ve been curious about before a certain date
  • Have 10000 RSS subscribers
  • Have 100 000 email list subscribers
  • Have a 50% open rate for your email list emails
  • Meet or talk with a like-minded individual about your blogging (on a weekly basis)
  • Answer all emails before bed
  • Read one book related to my niche every week
  • Create 1 video post every week
  • Email and thank one reader/subscriber every day
  • Invest in one useful product every month
  • Read about a certain topic that you need to know more about 1 hour/week
  • Spend 30 minutes daily on social bookmarking sites
  • Plan my next day’s blogging tasks before going to bed
  • Clean up your blogging workspace every day before bed
  • Review your goals every day
  • Regularly attend a conference or networking event in my niche
  • Get advertiser(s) for House of LoveJoy


  • Sign up for those social media/networking/bookmarking sites that I’ve been eyeing but haven’t signed up for yet
  • Create those blog pages that I haven’t done yet (like Guest Posting, and Privacy Policy pages)
  • Interview that person I’ve been meaning to interview
  • Create autoresponder emails
  • Evaluate what actions I’m taking and figure out what’s just busy work and what is actually getting me results
  • Brainstorm a list of future blog post ideas
  • Make a list of keywords to include in future post titles and posts
  • Create a detailed, step-by-step plan for achieving one of my goals
  • Monetize House of LoveJoy through a method I haven’t explored yet
  • Start a podcast
  • Set-up enewsletter
  • Comment on blogs that I read but never comment on
  • Help someone else start up a blog
  • Come up with some product ideas that I can start assessing and then working on
  • Write for the top 3  blogs in my niche
  • Form a solid relationship with some of the top bloggers in my field


  • Sign up for a Twitter account!
  • Get 100 Twitter followers per week
  • Tweet 5 times a day
  • Get 100 retweets per post
  • Tweet each of your posts 4  times
  • Answer all @mentions before going to bed
  • Determine a certain Tweeting Your Content vs. Tweeting Others’ Content ratio
  • Spend 30 minutes on Twitter daily
  • Get 200 tweets per guest post


  • Get 100 shares or likes per post
  • Create a Facebook fan page
  • Update your fan page 2/day
  • Comment or post on others’ fan pages 4 times a week
  • Like 10 others’ Facebook pages weekly
  • Get 100 new friends every week