TOP 10 TUESDAY: Maxims of Personal Style

1. Having a style, rather than just wearing every seasonal trend, makes it easy for people to know your story without YOU having to say a word. A bold red lip, the perfect flick of eyeliner, a hat, a bangle, a hint of skin, a teetering sky-high heel all announce your presence before you say a word. What is it that you want to tell the world about YOU?

2. Have the courage to just do it. It does take guts to put yourself out there in the world but the rewards are worth the risk. Let your inner punk rocker, Marilyn, Grace Kelly, Janis Joplin, or femme fatale loose on the world. If anything the world needs the inspiration.

3. Don’t confuse yourself. Don’t be afraid to mix styles up (boy/girl, new/retro) if you want to – but don’t do it in an concentrated effort to try and be everything to everyone. 

4. Love yourself.

5. Be positive. You have the ability to lift people up. Wear your style with co fidence and pride. Don’t bring your positive energy down to match someone else’s negative energy. In fact whe. You live in th clothes you live it should uplift your spirit.

6. Ignore the critics. Stay centered, even if you attract negative comments. That means you are standing for something.

7. Create a look that is RITE – Relevant, Interesting, Timeless and Entertaing. Don’t be boring. Boring is the death to a well-lived life.

8. Build up your drawers and closets with items YOU love.

9. Just start. Once you find your first perfect piece, it will get easier to build from there.

10. Don’t be afraid to steal some stylish details from not just style icons but from where you least expect it – like from classic or modern art or the street.

So what about YOU? Do you wear only the trendiest pieces from head to toe or do you have a personal style? Speak up in the comments and don’t be shy, share a photo of YOU wearing YOUR iconic outfit.