4 Ways to Stay Motivated to Keep Fit

1. KEEP IT LIGHT. Going for walk or going dancing all add up. And you don’t have to get really sweaty to get results.

2. WRITE A TO-DO LIST. It is great to have a big goal but you are not going to get there in a single bound. A series of small goals lead to big changes. Ticking off daily goals, for example, will keep you motivated in the right direction.

3. FEEL THE FITNESS FOMO. Do you get serious workout envy when your squad Instas that sweaty spin class you skipped out on? That’s not a bad thing. Seeing your friends posting their workouts might help you talk yourself out of not doing your own today.

4. STAND UP. For at least a minute an hour. Studies have shown vegging out – whether it’s for a House of Cards marathon or at your nine-to-five – is unhealthy, even if you hit the gym on the regular. Sitting less over time makes a huge difference over a lifetime.