BEHIND THE SCENES SUNDAY: 55 Habits of Successful Fashion Bloggers and Social Media Stars

Is there a secret recipe for building a successful blog and social media presence for fashion bloggers?

Do fashion bloggers who have hit the blogging jackpot (luxury brand sponsors, invites to boutique openings and seated front-row at your favorite designer’s runway shows, selfies snapped at five-star resorts and hotels, and ┬áthe newest samples from collections delivered to their front door) know something mere mortals don’t? Maybe. Maybe it’s luck. Maybe it’s hard work. |Here are 55 habits I think successful fashion bloggers and social media stars have that make them top of the heap.


  1. have given themselves permission to create.
  2. borrow only from the best.
  3. trust their instincts.
  4. do not invest halfway.
  5. acknowledge rules are made to be broken.
  6. make constraints work for them.
  7. challenge conformity.
  8. challenge themselves.
  9. promote and help other bloggers.
  10. create their own opportunities.
  11. willing to “drag their insides out”.
  12. allow themselves to make mistakes
  13. know which mistakes to keep
  14. rid themselves of self-doubt.
  15. dare to take themselves seriously.
  16. create day-long,week-long,month-long,year-long projects.
  17. focus not on just inspiring others, selling their work, but allowing their audience to inspire them.
  18. are focused, consistent,directed in how they present themselves.
  19. all their marketing is clear, clean and easy to read.
  20. build and maintain mailing lists.
  21. online presence answers, “what am I trying to say?”
  22. work to create an interesting discussion.
  23. involved in the community.
  24. willing to teach and willing to be taught.
  25. realize rebels don’t need rules.
  26. work at creating a body of work they can be proud of.
  27. not afraid to trash what is not working.
  28. stick with one subject.
  29. marry one subject.
  30. work in a vacuum.
  31. don’t work in a vacuum.
  32. are lone wolves.
  33. are collaborators.
  34. don’t compare themselves.
  35. don’t get derailed by haters.
  36. listen and trust their inner voice, their muse.
  37. accept that some people just won’t get it and not change their trajectory.
  38. seperate the notion of success from a specific outcome.
  39. better themselves.
  40. acknowledge that sometimes their work will suck.
  41. know their equipment.
  42. know their worth.
  43. know themselves.
  44. write blog posts and take pictures with intention – to tell a story.
  45. are adaptive.
  46. set out to include their audience.
  47. learn new skills.
  48. are proactive – seek out stories and images.
  49. don’t take themselves seriously.
  50. push through creative blocks and doubts.
  51. don’t lose momentum, even after failure.
  52. know their shit.
  53. are masters of observation.
  54. are passionate about fashion AND life.
  55. don’t use their equipment as a crutch.