One of the most questions I get about House of LoveJoy is why do I blog? Why do I pour money and time into a venture that has to compete in a saturated market?

I know a lot of people get into blogging for the free clothes. Free trips. Money. Connections. While no one will deny the perks are good and you can make a very good living, you still need to have a clear idea every time you start a post on why you are doing it – otherwise you are going to burn out. And it isn’t even enough to LOVE your topic. Or,to LOVE your readers.

  1. To connect. I do love the brands I work with and House of LoveJoy readers, but like in any relationship, it is the real, deep connection that makes me feel so honoured to be able to do what I do. It is the heartfelt thank you from a new designer for bringing their designs to my readers. It is the honest, forthright comments from loyal readers cheering me on, and telling me when I missed the mark. Blogging and social media gives the me the gift of connecting with other petite-sized women, from all over the world who struggle to find clothes that do not just look good, but fit.
  2. To Learn. There is not a single day working on House of LoveJoy that I don’t learn something. Writing. Social media. Advertising. Branding. Trends. The Classics. How to dress for my petite frame. How to design  my kitchen.
  3. To Teach. I think when  you teach someone something, you learn something yourself.
  4. To Be Inspired. From the brands, my readers, other bloggers. From the street to the runways to the red carpet. From books to magazines to films. From the classics to the trends. “Inspiration gives no warnings.” Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  5. To Express Myself. Like I said in point 1, blogging and social media gives me the gift of connecting with all of you. Here, on House of LoveJoy and on its social media I fell liberated to try something a bit more daring, a bit more out of my comfort zone, to really stretch my creativity when coming up with and laying out posts.