BEHIND THE SCENES SUNDAY: House of LoveJoy’s Mission Statement

One of the questions I get asked the most is, “What is House of LoveJoy all about?

Fashion to me is about fantasy.  Getting dressed, for me, is a lot like a knight putting on armour before battle. My clothes are my force field. I can be having a bad day, but when I get a glimpse of myself in the mirror I can say, “Damn, I AM a badass,” and believe it. And it follows the rest of the world will too.

I want every woman to say that, especially petite women because we have specific sartorial conundrums that makes the majority of us avoid certain items, or cuts because we don’t have the knowledge on how to work them to wear on our frame.

I want to inspire all women, but particularly petite women to feel confident, sexy and powerful and discovering a style, a unique style that is yours, and yours alone is part of that.

My mission is to give my readers real, effective, and original content based on our unique needs they won’t get anywhere else.

House of LoveJoy offers women a peek into my closets. I want to share how I approach getting dressed for a date, for a business meeting, for a formal event, for a day with friends. From the first thing I put on(lingerie) to the final touch (scent) I want to show how everything fits together and how I mix my favourite classics with the trends.
House of LoveJoy is my creative outlet. I love putting together outfits and designing sets and the photography. All of the steps it takes to go from seeing, say a brooch at an estate sale, to creating an outfit around it, then finding the perfect spot and props to photograph, to the final photo posted on House of LoveJoy, and then reading all the comments feeds my creativity.

I’m looking forward to this so much.